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  • Great Wall

    The Great Wall

          The Great Wall is a massive, 50' high stone structure crossing the tiny, 2-mile spit of land that divides the southern peninsula of the [[Dread Isle | Dread Isle]], known as …

  • Darkshelf Town Hall

    Darkshelf Town Hall

          The Town Hall is the administrative building in [[Darkshelf | Darkshelf]], located on the opposite end of the square from the [[Darkshelf Jailhouse | Jailhouse]]. The …

  • Darkshelf Guard

    Darkshelf Guard

          The town guard for the village of Darkshelf is a professional police and military force serving under Lord Neistor of Pelyra. The Darkshelf Guard featured prominently in the …

  • Rybalka


          This small village is sustained mostly by fishing and the lumber mill nearby. It resides in the center of the swamplands in the north of [[Eridae | Eridae]], Populated by simple …

  • Jira

    * Friends with:  ** The group of children in [[Rybalka | Rybalka]]  *Background:*     Jira is the daughter of a lumberjack who works at the sawmill in Rybalka, Eridae. Her mother took ill and passed away in late 3E998. She is …

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