Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Anchorhead: Decisions, Decisions

So what now?

    The Heroes 4 Hire awoke to a team meeting and some trepidations. Thia decided to take a hiatus from adventuring and return to Hellespont to continue her training in Medicine with Father Tristan. Ryoun Rodri took a job at the Harbormaster’s offices teaching celestial navigation to helmsmen, navigators and any other interested sailors after Captain Larouche recommended him to the Harbormaster himself. Calyx Siannodel decided to spend a season assisting the clergy renovate the Chapel of Belenus inside the Temple of the Sovereign Host. With three of the party on leave from the company for four to five months, the remaining Heroes decided not to return to the Dread Isle until their companions return to duty, so they may take their full complement out to the mysterious island.

    For the next weeks, Dajjal, Clem, Illyia Baham, Lt. Diplo Norixius and Alton Beeblebrox discussed what to do next as a company, while they individually pursued their own activities during their downtime. Beeblebrox spent his free time prostituting himself at Madame Woo’s House of Woo. Diplo spent his time studying cooking under some of the local culinary talents in Anchorhead.

    Clem inquired at the Forum Arcanus about joining, but got a bit of a surprise when they agreed, if he would change class or multi-class to a Wizard, or any type of divine spellcaster. Clem got a bit offended at the idea, and dismissed the Forum Arcanus immediately for their snobbery. He then took several different odd jobs around town, helping folks with chores and the like, until he settled into an internship type arrangement with a local tinkerer and inventor. Clem also decided to take a break from adventuring, and spend the next season training in Tinkering under the slightly deranged Pelen Moran.

    Dajjal had a similar experience when he approached the Forum Arcanus, but he purchased a Jerkin of Altered States to disguise himself, and successfully joined the Forum as an apprentice wizard under an alias. He bought a spell book and spent the next several days researching necromancy in the campus’ library and various laboratories and studies before eventually being discovered by Master Kozar Ven, who had heard from Caldwell in passing that a tiefling named Ryoun Rodri had joined the Forum Arcanus. Knowing the members of H4H personally, Master Ven confronted the imposter and forced Dajjal to drop the ruse, questioned his activities and reasons, explained the Forums Arcanus’ position on Warlocks, confiscated the spell book and refunded Dajjal’s money.

    Illyia visited Brancis Bowe of The Suippes in the Cistern below the Lagoon Company warehouse, and asked if the information network available to the Suippes had heard or could inquire about the slaver network the bugbears could have been working for or within from the ravine north of Hellespont. Brancis agreed to ask, and a week later he gave Illyia contact information in the town of Darkshelf in the Kingdom of Valenar, Eridae’s neighboring state and ally, in the form of a local nobleman named Neistor who was advertising for adventurers to look into a problem that sounded like it might be related to Illyia’s request about the slavers.

    Illyia brought the information to rest of the team, and it was decided to pursue this lead while their four teammates were on sabbatical. They arranged for the Sea Wyvern to transport them, the horse and the wagon to Darkshelf, a three day sail from Anchorhead. They set the date for their departure a week out so they could gather supplies and equipment and properly prepare for their next adventure.

    What will the half-strength Heroes 4 Hire discover in the foreign town of Darkshelf? What will the noble Neistor ask of them? When will the four members return from their hiatuses?

    Tune in next week!! on “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!



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