Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Anchorhead to the Dread Isle: Dangerous Tides

Has anybody seen my Paladin?


    The team finalized preparations for their first expedition to the mysterious Island that RB’s journal termed, " The Dread Isle" . Ryoun secured a ship, The Sea Wyvern, an impressive vessel with an even more impressive captain, and after the newly refitted galleon cleared dry dock and finished its initial shakedown cruise and sea trials, loading of cargo began.

    The Sea Wyvern, with H4H aboard and it’s holds brimming with cargo, set out from Anchorhead on Far, 6 Milos 3E998. After three days of uneventful sailing southward with Ryoun assisting the helm with navigation duties, the Sea Wyvern encountered a ship of unknown origin and purpose on an intercept course. Captain Larouche decided that discretion was the better part of a successful expedition, and avoided the interceptor with a small check turn and laying on the last few lanteens for speed.

    After the pursuer gave up the chase, Ryoun cranked in a heading correction to bring them to the island. Or one should say, to where the island was supposed to be. As the setting sun melted into the horizon, the Heroes and the crew of the Sea Wyvern stood on deck, pondering the mysterious island that simply wasn’t there. The sun set, the sky darkened and the first few stars of night began to appear, and then with an unearthly rumbling sound and a weak, questioning, “Land, ho?” from the crow’s nest, the group watched an island pop into existence in an instant… right in front of their eyes.

    The second cry from the crow’s nest sent a chill down everyone’s spine… “ROGUE WAVE!!” and a 20’ wall of water crashed into the ship. The Sea Wyvern rolled hard from the broadside of water, and the entire team and most of the sailors were either thrown from the ship or swept from its decks by the deluge. Not to fear,though, as most of those overboard surfaced within a short swim from the ship. Heroes 4 Hire took a quick head count as they bobbed, and quickly discovered that Thia didn’t know how to swim, and that Diplo was on his way to the bottom in his heavy armor. Illyia grabbed Thia and assisted her back to the ship, and Beeblebrox used the Alter Self enchantment on his robe to modify himself into an aquatic version to swim down after the paladin.

    Dagger in hand, Beeblebrox started cutting away Lt. Norixius’ armor and gear, while he scrambled to doff as much as he could while sinking. Once Diplo was at an encumbrance he could swim with, Beeblebrox The Frogman assisted him back to the ship. Not exactly the best method for winning a breath-holding contest… Holy shit that was close.

    And so closed the day of Mol, 9 Milos 3E998: our intrepid adventurers standing on the deck of the Sea Wyvern shortly after sunset in an early evening sky of deepening bluish-black, staring at an island, mostly no worse for wear… but with a semi-naked dragonborn whose armor, weapons and gear are at the bottom of the crushing deep.

    Now what?

    Tune in next week, on TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!



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