Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

BattleSystem: Something Different

Test Drive your very own Army!


A Note from DM Mike

    To all reading these words, Greetings!!

    Due to various competing scheduling conflicts, two-thirds of the players were not able to make Sunday’s regularly scheduled game. I had downloaded a copy of the mass-combat BattleSystem from Unearthed Arcana quite awhile ago and had been itching to give it a whirl. Ergo, those that could make it marshaled their armies and played a variation of a multi-point King-Of-The-Hill battle, red versus blue style!

    The battlefield was a simple layout, mostly so all the new users of BattleSystem could learn as they play… DM included. An impassable river bisected mid-field and spanned by two bridges equidistant near the edges of the map. Three ancient stone pillars, covered in glowing Elvish runes, were laid out on a massive triangle on each side of the river (six total)… nearly a hundred feet apart from each other and well away from the river and bridges. Otherwise, the terrain was clear grassland.

    Each runestone pillar was worth 3 points, while in the sole possession of one army. Possession was counted as one stand on or adjacent to the grid containing the runestone and uncontested by another army. To win, the first army to end the round with 10 or more points achieved tactical victory.

    In a little more than a seven minute battle, the blue army had tiny numerical advantage over the red army at 10 stands to 9 stands, but the red army moved quickly and captured five of the six runestone objectives to win the battle.



    See you in three weeks!!