Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Hell in Hellespont: The Shrine of Evil Chaos


    Fresh from a day off, the Heroes 4 Hire awoke early and grabbed some breakfast before heading back to the ravine and the caves nestled within. They made the trek in a few hours, and spotted a couple of goblin scouts attempting to hide in the treeline as they approached the ravine. Having obliterated the first tribe of orcs some two days ago, the team targeted the cave next door, home to the second orc tribe.


    Nilok and Shazana snuck into the cave mouth first, suspicious that the escaped orc youth from the other tribe, destroyed two days before, would have alerted this tribe of their approach. The idea was a good one, for Nilok found a trip wire a few yards inside the cave mouth, attached to a net suspended from the ceiling with all sorts of metal pots, pans, kettles and other assorted alarm-making implements. Noting the expedient nature of the alarm-trap, Nilok easily neutralized the tripwire and the team worked their way in.

    Quickly and quietly the party worked room to room, killing every orc they found, until they came to the chieftain’s room, where they found the chieftain accompanied by his two orog mates. Having resolved many of their teamwork issues, the Heroes took down the large orc and his mates in short order, and then set to looting and searching the entire complex. At the end of a long, dead end hallway they discovered a secret door leading to a secret meeting room between the two tribes’ chieftains’ rooms. Having accomplished a full day’s work at this point, the team opted to use the secret meeting room to take a long rest and get some sleep.

    The next morning they awoke in their secret hide and decided to investigate the cave the orc captives had described as being an unnatural place “they dared not go”. As the team entered the cave mouth, the construction of the new cave was different than the rough hewn nature of the caves the goblin and orc tribes were residing. This cave opened into a wide, deathly still corridor with high, vaulted ceilings, red strata interlaced with black veins running through the precisely cut and polished stone walls. As the Heroes investigated the large hallway, their presence was detected and eight zombies approached from the southern direction of the corridor.

    Eight was not enough, for while the party had never encountered undead before, they hit the zombies hard and fast, destroying them in a short fray. Sensing the radiant evil of the new cave, taking note of the perfection of the engineering of its halls and seeing the presence of undead, Diplo suggested it may be a good idea to call it a day on this outing and take that opportunity to return to Hellespont. The team agreed, and back to Hellespont they went, for a night of carousing and to inform the elder council of their discovery.

    What will the Heroes do now that they have found the mysterious Shrine and its undead denizens? What other tribes are residing in the unexplored caves? Will the team simply kill everyone and everything they ever see?

    Find out next week!! On “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!



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