Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

The Road to Anchorhead: The Falconer's Spire

New Town, New Task

    The story picked up at the morning of Zor, 19 Ayre 3E998 as the party roused from their slumber to breakfast and a few morning errands before saying their goodbyes to the folks of Hellespont. The company dismissed Greves, with thanks for his service. Taeral Brylen gave Illyia a letter of referral to a colleague of his, a mutual friend of the Hellens, in the southern port city of Anchorhead. Joe Hellen bummed a ride in the wagon with the group on their way to Anchorhead, and as they departed town they saw the company of the Eridani Light Horse Brigade departing with the elder council headed to the ravine and the Shrine of Evil Chaos.


    An uneventful day and half journey brought Heroes 4 Hire into the third largest city in all of Eridae, through the Tents of Rusheme’ in the Westwatch and into the temple district to the Onyx Fountain Inn. A nearly full hotel caused some stress, but Joe Hellen used his contacts and clout as a regular visitor and member of the merchant’s guild (not to mention his mother’s reputation) to arrange a block of 8 rooms for several weeks. Dajjal took the wagon to park it at the livery stables back near the Tents of Rusheme’, and the party went their separate ways for the rest of the day for some shopping and exploring of the town individually. Apparently, Madame Woo’s brothel was a popular stop.

    The gang regrouped, minus Dajjal who lost track of time in the library section of the Chapterhouse, at the Falconer’s Spire at the behest of its proprietor (Master) Kozar Ven and his wife, for dinner and to discuss the referral from Master Brylen. Joe Hellen had horse traded his way into possession of an ancient journal from some second era explorer, signed only by the initials “RB”. He brought the journal to Master Ven, who was having his contact at the Chapterhouse authenticate it.

    Of special interest to Joe and Kozar, the journal notes (among many, many other adventurous tales) an uncharted tropical island lying several hundred miles south of Eridae, vastly unexplored except for a small southern peninsula where 7 villages of friendly natives are described in detail. According to the journal, the peninsula is barricaded off from the rest of the island by a ‘Great Wall’, and the tribal Tanaroans rarely venture north of it.

    Under the condition of secrecy, Kozar Ven and Joe Hellen were financing a major expedition to the Tanaroan villages and the island, for two primary objectives. First, make friendly first contact with the Tanaroans and establish open trade relations. Second, explore the interior region of the island and return with a complete map, paying special attention to sources of raw materials and other resources. They wanted to hire H4H to complete those tasks on this first of hopefully many expeditions to the island.

    The gang asked for a night to discuss and consider it, and Master Ven and Joe Hellen agreed, with the condition of continued secrecy, due to the heavily mercantile nature of Anchorhead and the number of other merchants who would race to the island if they knew such a place of untapped potential resources and trade existed. With that, the party retired to their rooms at the Onyx Fountain Inn and went to sleep (Far evening into Sar morning, 21 Ayre 3E998).

    Will Heroes 4 Hire accept the contract? What adventures await the team on the ‘ Dread Isle’? What mischief will the party find in their new city?

    Find out next time, on TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!