Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Return to Anchorhead: The Shopping Episode

It's burning a hole in my pocket!

    The Sea Wyvern sailed four days uneventfully back to the Republic of Eridae, and at sundown on Zor, 12 Jo 3E998, arrived at its homeport of Anchorhead. Captain Larouche dispatched Caleb to inform Master Ven of their return, and the crew and dockworkers immediately began offloading the remaining cargo of unsold trade goods back into the warehouse rented by the recently formed company of Ven & Hellen. Master Ven arrived within the hour of their arrival and began logging the returned inventory, astounded at the outstanding performance of his contracted Heroes 4 Hire.

    When the tally was finally done, H4H had doubled-and-half-again Ven & Hellen’s initial investment. An elated Kozar Ven, now flush with uncut gems, pearls and nuggets of precious metals, gave the Heroes their cut, paid the first installment of the contract with the Sea Wyvern crew, and arranged with Durin Vault & Trust to transfer his portion of the profits to Joe Hellen in Hellespont.

    The Heroes returned to their usual rooms at the Onyx Fountain Inn, and awoke the next day to individual errands. Diplo and Illyia spent most of the day in The Falconer’s Spire, frantically purchasing several magic items with their new found cash like a fat kid on a Twinky. Afterward, the duo split up to their own ways and purposes.

    Who will stay and who will go? Will the party return to the Dread Isle? What adventure will the Heroes pursue next?

    Find out next week, on “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!



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