Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Slave Pits of the Undercity: Fire in the Hole!!

Two words: Giant. Freakin'. Weasels.

0200, Sar, 21 Aufgasta, 3E998

    The Heroes 4 Hire took a long rest in the old temple where they had stashed the slaves they had rescued, healing up and regaining spent spells and abilities. They then headed out into the dreary, late morning light and entered the ruins portion of the temple complex, some through the ground level doorway and some climbing onto the roof again via the access ladder in the entry courtyard. The company explored the debris-strewn outer garden area and managed to flush out a wight lying in ambush amongst a pile of rubble, which they quickly destroyed with their superior numbers. They searched the remains of a set of seminary dormitories, collapsed and burnt to a crisp, and found nothing.

    The team then moved on to the far end of the courtyard where much of the rubble and burnt timbers had been stacked up in a makeshift wall, as if to wall-off something in the far end. Using the access ladder to drop into the section beyond the wall from the roof, half the team descended to investigate the area while the other half stayed aloft. Below, they found a collection of exquisitely carved statues of humans, orcs and half-orcs in various poses, crumbling and well-decayed over years of neglect. It was too late when they realized that the poses of these statues were in fright, in combat with weapons, or in surprise. Alton Beeblebrox and Dajjal were the first to spot the two basilisks moving in from a darkened corner away from the other statues, and were instantaneously petrified. The rest of the team attacked while averting their eyes and managed to kill off both basilisks, but not before the beasts managed to petrify Illyia Baham as well.

    Greves retrieved from Lt. Diplo Norixious’ backpack the vial containing the remaining doses of the silver liquid the team had recovered from their encounter with the medusa in the bowels of the Shrine of Evil Chaos, and returned the three petrified adventurers to life. The party then finished their search, gathered their loot, and circled back through the entry courtyard and out the gatehouse to the exterior doors of the stonecutter’s shed on the northwestern corner of the temple complex. Inside they found the shed filled with mundane items and vacant of the six orcs that had been there previously, and proceeded through the double doors, across the interior hallway and out the other set of double doors into the temple graveyard. There they found an overgrown garden graveyard with unkempt trees and bushes, headstones and a large central mausoleum. They opened the large, iron door and found the interior of the crypt had been removed, and in its place was a single set of stone steps, descending into the sewers beneath the city.

    The stairs descended into a narrow, 5’ wide passageway dug straight out of the soil, barely tall enough for the Heroes towering dragonborn to stand at full height. Shortly after a turn away from the stairs the passage split, and the party opted to follow the left, northern route until it ended about a hundred yards later. There they found a stone wall ending the passage, and low in the wall a crawl space about half the height of the passage. Through the opening they could observe a large circular chamber whose floor was several stories below the level of the passage and it’s opening, and they could hear voices coming from the torch lit chamber. Disregarding any attempt at surprise, Diplo proceeded through the opening and down the ladder attached to the wall on the other side.

    Shocked to see a large blue dragonborn in plate armor descending his escape ladder right behind him, the slave lord ran from his alcove to the middle of the chamber and his ten orc bodyguards. His five pet giant weasels, however, found the idea to be quite interesting, and one came up the ladder to meet Diplo with a set of teeth firmly planted in his butt cheek. The weasel then let go of the ladder, and played a “look at me, I’m hanging in mid-air by my teeth” game with his friends while Diplo struggled to hang onto the ladder with a giant weasel attached to his butt. Beeblebrox jumped down the entire height without the ladder, threw a few kunai into the weasel and killed it, and Diplo slid the rest of the way down fireman style. The orcs and the remaining weasels moved to engage the team, and Karraway descended the ladder next while Greves jumped for it, minorly injuring himself in the process.

    The team continued to fight from the alcove, using it’s narrower profile to keep from getting swarmed by the overwhelming numbers. Dajjal and illyia laid side-by-side in the escape tunnel they had arrived in, to shoot spells from above the fray. Dajjal nearly ended the fight singlehandedly with a well-timed but ill-placed Fireball, wiping out all but two orcs, all the weasels, nearly killing the slave lord outright… but also hitting Karraway and Beeblebrox as well. The slave lord died on the next attack and the remaining orcs fled up the staircase opposite the alcove only to be cut down by arrows and bolts as they ran.

    The Heroes searched the room and the bodies, and then secured themselves in the slave lord’s chamber to rest before pressing farther into the Slave Pits of the Undercity.

1200, Sar, 21 Aufgasta, 3E998

    What will the Heroes find as they press farther into the Slave Pits? How many of the Free Peoples are currently being held? Who will Dajjal blow up next?

    Tune in next time, on, “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!