Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Slave Pits of the Undercity: Spellbound


0100, Sar, 21 Aufgasta, 3E998

    The Mexican Stand-off concluded when the Heroes 4 Hire decided they would be the one’s to brave the enemy killbox. Lt. Diplo Norixius and Greves formed up at the door and charged through, one pushing the stack of enemies back one way in the 5’ wide hallway while the other pushed the other way, opening a 15’ pocket between them. Karraway and Alton Beeblebrox set up just inside the door to assist as necessary, while Illyia Baham and Dajjal hung farther back in the room to backstop anything that made it through. The two heavily armored Heroes exacted a casualty each, and Beeblebrox stepped through the gap and dropped a few of his own.

    On the far end of the stack Diplo was blockading, the half-orc fighter/cleric and leader of this group sent his two assassin bodyguards and two additional half-orc fighters down a trap door back in the fake slave pen in an attempt to call reinforcements and circle behind the party. Then, having observed Beeblebrox achieve a double kill in a single round, decided he was the highest threat at the instant and hit him with a Blindness spell. This had little effect on the halfling monk, who continued his onslaught through the mass of half-orc slavers and proving himself rather adept at blind fighting. Diplo dropped to a knee to brace behind his shield, making himself an effective barricade while Karraway sniped over top of him with his crossbow and sent his Spiritual Weapon after the leader.

    Greves finished mopping up the few slavers on his side of the hallway while the Diplo-Karraway-blind-Beeblebrox combo thinned the other stack of enemies by two-thirds. The fighter/cleric gave Diplo a Command to flee and then hit Karraway with Blindness as well, and Diplo turned tail and ran back through the room and out into the cloistered garden before realizing what he was doing. Greves pulled Karraway back into the empty room and out of the fight to see if he could help. As Beeblebrox blindly finished off the last two half-orc fighters between him and the leader, the half-orc fled back through the fake slave pen and down the trap door.

    Diplo and Illyia came running to Beeblebrox’s call that the leader was getting away, and the three gave chase though the fake slave pen and down the trap door. Below they emerged into a small chamber roughly hewn out of the dirt with two extremely narrow passageways departing from the southern corners. Beeblebrox and Illyia pursued the sound of the fleeing footfalls down the southwestern passageway, and Diplo returned up the ladder deciding the tunnels were to narrow for his dragonborn frame to fight in. Illyia and Beeblebrox pursued past one intersection to another where a stone staircase led back up toward the surface level of the temple ruins. The two decided to stop there and return to their party vice getting split up with unknown odds in an unknown part of the complex.

    The Heroes sat down for a short rest in the big empty room where they had made their standoff, intending on healing up the considerable damage they had sustained and regaining several of their spent abilities. They were interrupted a few minutes later, when through the door from the cloistered garden burst reinforcements, consisting of the two half-orc slavers and the two assassin bodyguards the fighter/cleric had sent through the trap door, accompanied by six orcs and the fighter/cleric himself. A brutal melee developed; Illyia was dropped, and brought back in mid-fight by a timely Healing Word by Karraway. Karraway was knocked out and saved by a mid-battle deployment of a Potion of Healing by Greves. Dajjal fatally caught a vicious javelin, but was saved by Diplo’s Lay on Hands. Beeblebrox was re-blinded by the cleric, Diplo was re-commanded to flee, and Greves also fell prey to the cleric’s Command to flee. Despite the onslaught of swords, spells, crossbow bolts and javelins, the team whittled the attackers away one after the other, and the leader and his two bodyguards again opted to retreat.

    The leader and his bodyguards fled through the cloistered garden with Illyia, Beeblebrox and Karraway in hot pursuit. Karraway stopped one of the bodyguards with a Hold Person spell, and he and Greves teamed up to slay the helpless assassin. Illyia and Beeblebrox sprinted after the other two, following them across the garden, down the hallway and out into the entry courtyard. There they attacked the slavers, putting both of them down before they could escape. The team then looted all the bodies, searched the rooms in which they had spent the last hour fighting, and resettled in for their short rest.

0200, Sar, 21 Aufgasta, 3E998

    What other surprises await the Heroes 4 Hire as they continue to assault the slavers’ base of operations? What terrors lie in the sewers below the ruined temple? How many Heroes can be blinded simultaneously while fleeing from the same spellcaster?

    Find out next week, on “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!



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