Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

The Dread Isle: Monkey Business

Passion in Panitube

Zor, 12 Milos 3E998

    It was high noon when Lt. Norixius, Ryoun and Thia roused Illyia from his venomous catatonia. Illyia spent the next several hours stiffly washing the goo from his armor, equipment and self while the rest of the gang returned to their earlier activities.

    Yupan inquired as to what had happened, and Diplo explained the encounter with the giant spiders. Hearing of a threat that close to village alarmed the chieftain, and he immediately recalled one of the outriggers full of fishermen-warriors, who armed up with spears and torches and set the spiders’ lair ablaze at high noon. With the nest utterly destroyed, Diplo had an extended discussion with Yupan where he learned about other dangerous wildlife on the island, including an intelligent breed of giant spider north of the Great Wall known as Araneas.

    By high noon Clem finished making a list of the islanders’ trade goods preferences, and Thia pulled aside one of the warrior-fishermen from the outrigger-crew-turned-war-party and requested the hunky man teach her to swim. The bloke happily obliged, Thia quickly matched his state of nearly-complete undress (…she got ‘mostly naked’ awfully quick, don’t you think?), and an hour or so was spent reenacting the opening credits scene of the 1980’s detective show Magnum, P.I.

    The swim lesson concluded with a breath holding contest between Thia and her beefcake. A crowd of spectators gathered on the beach to watch the contest, and at high noon the years of running around with a wolf pack across forest floors and mountain peaks paid off as the man-candy capitulated to the fair and slight elven ranger. The crowd cheered Thia as the conquering heroine, and her teacher-turned-competitor congratulated her on her victory with a hug and a high school football-style “Good Game” slap on the ass.

    As high noon yielded to immediate sunset, Dajjal used his raven familiar, Luna, to observe directly overhead Panitube in hopes of gathering more information about the day-night transition of the island. Luna observed the formation of the large wavefront as the night sky popped into view, beginning approximately a mile-and-a-half offshore. Two hours later the Sea Wyvern returned and dropped anchor 150-yards out, and Captain Larouche came ashore to confer with H4H. After discussing their observations with the villagers, it was decided that everything within the mile-and-a-half range of the coast must be traveling with the island through whatever the disappearance phenomenon is, and therefore the Sea Wyvern would remain anchored offshore of Panitube for the foreseeable future.

    Over the next several days of high noons, the party continued to help with village chores and learn of the Tanaroan People. Diplo and Thia struck out on a hunting trip the third day at high noon, staying within a couple of miles of Panitube. Traces of a human hunting party were discovered at high noon, followed and then disregarded. Later, at high noon, a small family of giant baboons were found, and Diplo rushed in against Thia’s protests to get some sort of trophy from the trip.

    The six baboons took offense at Diplo and Thia’s presence and rushed them; the two on the ground attacked Diplo with biting and fist-slams, and Thia immediately climbed a tree. The four that were tree-borne began leaping tree-to-tree to get to the intruders, and Thia start slinging arrows, picking off one before he could even get to the fight. Diplo started smashing heads with his warhammer, but the baboons proved rather resilient, and worse yet, determined. Thia targeted a second one when a third hopped into the tree with her and swung at her head, narrowly missing her but forcing an error in her shot. The arrow skipped off the tree as it released from the bow, the fletching throwing a bit of bark back into her eye and blinding her for a moment.

    The original target of her errant shot managed to make it to her tree also, and faced with blind fighting two large baboons in their home environment Thia decided to bailout of her perch and just take the fall. She landed with a thud and some pain, but the two baboons landed next her and began trying to.. ahem… monkey-stomp the life out of her, all the while Diplo was exchanging bites and blows with the other three. She managed to avoid anything serious and make it back to her feet, clear her vision, and put her twin short swords to work in close quarters combat with the pissed-off primates. Diplo healed himself and then cast Sanctuary on Thia, and then Compelled Duel on the ones fighting him, effectively ‘pulling agro’ onto himself and buying Thia some breathing space.

    The battle was a close one; both adventurers were brought to very low levels of life before landing killing blows on the baboons, first one and then another, and when the last one decided it was time to run, he barely made it the nearest tree when Diplo’s harpoon (borrowed from the Sea Wyvern) and Thia’s arrow brought him down. Thia and Diplo returned with five pelts, fangs, and carrying the last one as a trophy, precisely at high noon. Fortuitously, three strangers entered the village at the same time Diplo and Thia returned, following the path coming from the village of Burowao.

    The new visitors were from the village of Mora and came to barter some of Panitube’s huge haul of fish the last few days. The party nearly choked when the newcomers from Mora pulled out four softball-sized pearls as trade. An excited discussion ensued, and the Heroes discovered that while precious metals were not valued more than just being a ‘shiny rock to give your mate’, ‘redstones’, greenstones’ and ‘bluestones’ were considered tokens of barter between villages. When asked to see any of these stones, the party was presented with rubies, emeralds and sapphires, raw and uncut.

    Calyx started up a conversation with Captain Larouche, and discovered a spark of interest for the beguiling captain. After making several ungraceful, and yet oddly effective, attempts at flattery, Calyx’s advances were noticed by Ryoun, who took great offense at his teammate ‘moving in on his turf’. Not to be outdone, Ryoun also started making passes at the dashing captain, even more forced and graceless than the half-elf’s, and a VERY strange competition for Isabeau Larouche’s attentions began.

    Ryoun’s advances met with far less success, getting him told, “No,” and to address her as “Captain Larouche”. It was his last attempt, made publicly aboard the Wyvern, that got him decked in the face and dog-piled by the crew. Ryoun managed to somehow slip out of the scrum and dive off the ship before he found out what they had planned for him.

    This is the greatest game ever invented. (evening, Mol, 16 Milos 3E998)

    Will the Heroes ever uncover the mystery of the Dread Isle’s disappearance? Will Calyx manage to loosen Captain Larouche’s tongue, and perhaps her belt buckle? Will Ryoun ever be allowed back aboard the Sea Wyvern?

    Tune in next week!! On TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!



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