Female Tiefling Arcanist and Archivist; Mistress of the Library of Allendretta.


Tiefling Arcanist

Height: 5’ 9" Weight: 145 lbs. Age: 46
Hair: White-SIlver Eyes: Silver Skin: Pale, Gray Freckles

Languages: Common

  • Normal Attire 
    • Fine Clothing – Typically high collared, long sleeved, full length dresses
    • Belt Pouches
    • Coin Purse
    • Wand made from an unknown material
  • Profession: Archivist

    Allendretta’s normally quiet, reserved personality lends little to the common knowledge of her roots. Citizens around Tingerhof know her only as a powerful arcanist of some flavor, and a consummate bookworm. Her skills as an archivist and librarian are the stuff of legend, if there is such a thing for those normally mundane professions.

    She owns a sizable plot of land atop a prominent, wooded hill overlooking Tingerhof proper, where she has constructed a gardened compound of manicured serenity, centered around a 5-story spire that houses her personal library of well-over 10,000 tomes, books, maps and scrolls. Her household includes a butler, a cook, several maids, a stablehand and a highly-respected man-at-arms named Stagarm Woodash. The grounds are surrounded by a 6’ tall rock wall with wrought-iron gates at it’s entrances, and consists of several outbuildings including a ‘shed’ that houses a permanent teleportation circle.


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