Beeblebrox, Alton

(Stout) Halfling Monk (Way of the Open Hand) 7 Barbarian 1



(Stout) Halfling Monk (Way of the Open Hand) 7 Barbarian 1

Height: 3’ 0" Weight: 38 lbs. Age: 23
Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel Skin: Tanned

Languages: Common, Halfling, Goblin


Personality Trait
~ I am working on a grand philosophical theory and love sharing my ideas.
~ I have tremendous empathy for all who suffer.

~ I believe in destiny.

~ I entered seclusion to hide from ones who might still be hunting me (for the Fury of Torog relic). I must confront them someday.

~ I enjoy the carnal delights too much.

Background: Hermit
    I am Alton Beeblebrox. I was raised in the city of Storm Wind, the child of Lyle and Bree High-Hill. When I was a child, I didn’t play with the other kids much. I helped my father in his forge with my half-orc uncle Grokk. It was fun at first, until a big war forced us to work faster and longer days to supply the Storm Wind guards. I worked in the forge until I was 16. I became interested in working with my mother in the nearby inn, “The Drunken Boat”. For two years I worked there, sneaking a mug of ale once in awhile and understanding how to talk to women in a inn. Apparently, you have to bring at least 50 gold pieces. I grew bored of working in the town and from hearing about the stories some interesting people experienced inspired me to go out into the world. So I went out of Storm Wind with all the money I earned that month, 10 gold pieces, and I left for a day and came back to Storm Wind. I was robbed immediately. So I went back to my father’s forge back to old routine until the local monastery came for their pick up.

    I talked to the monk, telling him of my amazing one-day journey. He suggested to come to the monastery for a couple of days to learn how to defend myself. Uncle Grokk could have taught me, but his teaching method was always learn how to get bigger and taller and learning how to smash things really hard. So I went with the monk; his name was Liu Bei. As we arrived at the monastery, Liu Bei explained to me I must go to a master and beg for him to teach me his ways. So I walked around the monastery and walked up the many stairs they had and saw a huge goliath with a large beard. I immediately got on my knees and begged to this giant. I bowed about 3 or 6 times. Liu Bei runs by and explains that I wanted to learn how to defend myself and also that this goliath’s name is Master Guan Yu and he only taught the senior monks. Master Guan Yu stops him and says, I see a fire in this little one I shall teach you. But I shall treat you as if you have been in this temple for years. The training will be painful. I ignored everything he said other than him agreeing to train me.

    The first day began with me meeting all of my classmates. A majority of them were 40 or 50 year old humans, some were gnomes and elves; I think I even saw a couple of dragonborns. The class wondered if I were a prodigy in martial arts. I told them I wasn’t in fact this was my first day and they looked pretty pissed. So they made a initiation for which was lowering me on to dull spears and allow some of my weight to push me down on to them. It hurt like hell but I did not scream or freak out I only in endured. Master Guan Yu arrived confused. He began showing me the fighting form of Dance of Ice and Fire. A fighting style that uses deflecting technique to give an advantage on an effective strike. After remembering every part of the form, Master Guan Yu didn’t like my speed or snap of my demonstration. So we started the flexible exercises. They made me stand on two logs while doing the horse stance. I had to do this for three minutes while holding 2 jugs of water; needless to say, I failed it. As punishment, I had to do 100 push ups on the logs. After the push ups, Master Guan Yu told me to do the horse stance again.

    Sore from all the work of the day, I was starving so there were trials to do before I could get food. There was bending of a chest plate by hitting it with your fists, running on water to get to the food, using a form to strike on a master and actually landing it, or standing on logs for 30 minutes with water jugs. I tried running on the water and fell on my face. Next, I tried bending the chest plate. It didn’t know it wouldn’t because I could tell I forged it. I didn’t even want to try the standing on logs again so i tried striking a master. It was Liu Bei grinning to see my face in pain. He asked how my first day was going. I replied with every fiber of my being screaming in agony, “It’s pretty good,” with a small tearing going down my cheek. Liu Bei grins and says, “Oh, we haven’t broken you then,” and punches me in the face knocking me out for the day.

    The second day same routine same result. Third, I was starving for not eating for two days so I looked around and found some interesting looking berries and Liu Bei noticed me eating some. He ran to urging me to stop eating the berries, that they were poisonous and used for another class. I stopped and waited to see if anything would happen. Nothing did, probably because I’m a stout Halfling, so I ate more and soon an elf from the class that was using the berries… I assume, because she started to yell, “Stop, you idiot,” I think… I don’t remember too well, since after eating more berries I passed out. I awoke to a tiefling wearing a white robe saying, “Master Guan Yu informed me you injured yourself, so I am here to make sure you can keep training.” I practiced more of my form and began my study on how to get food. So I walked to the class where that elf called me an idiot was in. The tiefling followed and suggested that I find Hattori Hanzo; perhaps he had a method for me to pass a trial. I walked to his temple and saw there was colored grains on the ground. The elf from before walked up to me and informed me that the grains are part of the code; this one meant class starts at 8 PM. So I stayed with the elf her name was Andraste MoonWhisper. She helped me with remembering my forms by hitting me when I messed up. Her hits hurt more then the dull spears.

    When it was finally 8 PM, a slim tall figure appeared behind me suddenly asking if I wanted to join his class. I screamed so loud and in a high tone. The longer i screamed the more the look of annoyance grew on the teacher. Finally, I stopped screaming and replied with, “I would like to take your class”, with a smile. He replied with, “I am Hanzo Hattori and i am honored to have you as a pupil.” He then grabbed my arm and threw me to ground, got down on one knee and said, “Try not to annoy me like that again.” Then walks away to teach his class, Andraste following him. The tielfing put a hand on my back and cured my wounds. His name was Taven Anderson. For the next two days, morning to afternoon, I trained my precision and power, at night I trained how to walk like an frail old man to sneak food for myself for this is the reason why I joined this class. On the third day I believed I was ready to get some food so I got some old robes and performed my walk. It seemed people believed I was an old man, but they thought i was the Grand Master, Asher Beeblebrox. I had not met him yet, so I took the identity. Unfortunately, the grand master still had to do the trials for food and they were difficult. They were to defeat 36 students in total but in groups of three. The first set were Shou humans. With my size I used it as an advantage going under each of their legs and hitting so hard they fell and punched them in the face to knock them out. Everyone watching looked at me confused because Grand Master Asher was watching amused by my performance and asked for me to continue. I took off my costume; just me and my underwear and I flex to intimidate my next set.

    A dragonborn and two humans stepped up. The dragonborn laughs, which pissed me off, so I jumped as high as I could with a spinning round house kick, which connected to his left temple knocking him out. The two humans looking shocked waiting to see who i would go for next. I chose to go for the left. I ran under his legs, kicked the student behind the knee, and as he falls I threw a right to his temple. Two down and one left, I ran to the last. He began a low kick, but I was close enough to grab his leg and swept his other leg. Dropping him as he fell, I ran on his back hitting him in the back of his head to knock him out. Asher was impressed to see me, a new student, using their teachings and putting my own spin on it. Asher stepped forward and got in his fighting stance. “Before i end your streak, tell me your name.”

    I screamed proudly, “I AM ALTON HIGH-HILL AND I WILL DEFEAT YOU FOR SOME FUCKING FOOD”. I sprinted towards him and led with a jumping side kick. He slid to my left prepared to attack my back. As I landed I felt the force about to hit my back, but I turned and deflected his fist. I got into my horse stance and used my elbow to press into his chest and push him back for some distance. As my elbow hit his chest, he was pushed back 5 feet. He smiled and got into a horse stance as well and advanced on me. Everyone was watching in awe as I, a new student, landed a hit on a Grand Master. I turned and staid in a horse stance and used my hands for defense for the next attacks from Asher. We were in front of each other, the intention of this small pause grabbed everyone’s attention… watching and waiting for a slight movement or a tell. Suddenly, Asher started swinging his fist and using open palm attacks as I tried my best to dodge and deflect his open palm attacks while retaliating with my open palm attacks. For 3 minutes the stalemate went on, and as it continued the smile on Asher’s face grew bigger.

    “Excellent, Mr. High-Hill. Very impressive, but I must finish this.” As I did one more open palm attack, Asher vibrated and moved so fast towards my chest I did not even see it hit my chest; I only felt the vibration go to straight to my heart. The last movement I saw was him snapping his fingers and I felt my heart stop. I fell to the ground, looking at Grand Master Asher in the eyes as my life seeped away. “Would you like to learn that Mr. High-Hill?”

    With my last breath, I whispered, “Yes.” He laid his hand on my back, and a flow of his ki kick started my heart again.

    “You shall my friend, but this is not the place for you,” as he helped me up. “You must find your own way out in the world and return when you are ready for a rematch.” With tears in my eyes, I bowed.

    “Thank you, Grand Master Asher. I will get stronger and return to defeat you.” I walked to my room, grabbed all my stuff and went down to Storm Wind to tell my parents what happened. Then I was off with a feeling of purpose. As I started my journey, I realized it felt like my parents were strangers, like I was no longer a High-Hill. So, I am Alton Beeblebrox. My purpose is to be my best, return to the White Lotus Order and defeat Grand Master Asher Beeblebrox. And if you are an asshole messing with someone or pissing me off, I will lay you the fuck out.

Beeblebrox, Alton

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