Quinn, Alyn

Steward of Half Point


Human (Tethyrian) Steward

Height: 5’ 10" Weight: 115 lbs. Age: 35
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Two slightly different shades of Blue Skin: Tawny 
  • Normal Attire 
    • Fine clothing - Headmistress’ dress, usually in dark blue, dark green or black
    • Soft-soled, calf-length riding boots
    • Silver stud earrings
    • Silver necklace with a symbol of Sehanine Moonbow
    • Silver pinky ring on her left hand
    • Dagger 
    • Coin Purse 
  • Traveling Attire (additional to normal attire)
    • Traveler’s Cloak
    • Satchel
  • Profession: Steward
  • Associations and Guilds:
    • Hospitality Guild
    • Heroes 4 Hire
  • Friends with: 

    Alyn Quinn is well known and highly respected among the concierge network and within the Hospitality community in Anchorhead. She has a reputation for courtesy, professionalism and talent in managing inns, taverns as well as the households of wealthy clients. She is beautiful and funny, friendly and curious about people’s personal stories, and almost impossible to tell no. She is outgoing and very logical in business dealings, handles her subordinates well, and came with top-notch recommendations.

    Alyn is tall, but very thin, with a certain frailty in her physique.

Quinn, Alyn

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