Eddard, Paul

Farmer in Hellespont, Eridae; Widower


Human Commoner (Farmer)

Height: 6’ 1" Weight: 200 lbs. Age: 63
Hair: White Eyes: Gray Skin: Tanned, Rough

Languages: Common

  • Normal Attire 
    • Common Clothing – Farmer
    • Belt Pouches
    • Coin Purse 
  • Traveling Attire (additional)
    • Traveler’s Cloak
    • Backpack
  • Combat Equipment  
    • Spear
  • Profession: Farmer

    Paul Eddard is one of the three farmers that were kidnapped and held in the Caves of Chaos during the Hell in Hellespont campaign.

  • Widower

Eddard, Paul

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