Tristan, {Father}

Priest of Bahamut in Hellespont


Human Cleric (Bahamut)

Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 180 lbs. Age: 57
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Skin: Fair
  • Normal Dress
    • Priest robes & sandals
    • Holy symbol (Bahamut)
    • Prayer Book
    • Component Pouch
    • Coin Purse
  • Combat Equipment – Same as Normal Dress, plus:
    • Cloak
    • Staff
    • Priest’s Pack
  • High Priest of Bahamut
  • Minister of the Hellespont parish and chapel
    • 3 Adepts are in service under him
    • 10 Acolytes are in training under him
  • Chapel also serves as an administrative office for village business
    • Adepts and acolytes act as administrative workers and record keepers
  • Chapel also serves as an occasional infirmary
    • Father Tristan and his Adepts are fully trained and skilled healers.
    • Acolytes are also being taught medicine.

Tristan, {Father}

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