Child in Rybalka, Friend of Krekklefeets


(Chondathan) Human Commoner

Height: 3’ 10" Weight: 50 lbs. Age: 7
Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Skin: Fair

Languages: Common

  • Normal Attire 
    • Common Clothes – Green dress
    • Cloth Doll 
  • Friends with: 

    Jira is the daughter of a lumberjack who works at the sawmill in Rybalka, Eridae. Her mother took ill and passed away in late 3E998. She is exceptionally shy and rarely speaks to anyone. While her father is at the lumber mill working, she spends most of her day at play with the throng of children in Rybalka, playing games, catching frogs and exploring the swamplands around the village. The other children take a very ‘older sibling’ stance when it comes to Jira, and are very protective of her… a reaction to the loss of her mother barely more than a year ago.


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