Ker-Nyx Sekhmet

(Winged) Tiefling, Cleric (Grave Domain) 9

Height: 6’ 10" Weight: 146 lbs. Age: 3886 (25)
Hair: Black Eyes: Ranges Skin: Reddish Brown

Languages: Common, Celestial, Infernal

  • Traveling Attire (additional)
    • Nada
  • Combat Equipment  

Ker-Nyx woke up surrounded by cultists in some deep cave in the wilderness. Compelled by the voice within, she summarily killed them all but found she couldn’t go back to her “sleep”. Frustrated, she left the cave and happened upon a farmer who, seeing the dust and blood she was covered in, suggest she seek out the heroes of Half-Point for help. Not thinking she needed help but unsure what else to do she flew off in the direction the farmer had indicated, being sure to stop off along the way and wash up in a stream before meeting these “heroes”.

Ker-Nyx Sekhmet

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