Earring of Communication

Wondrous item, Unique (Very Rare)


    This single stud earring allows the wearer to communicate verbally with anyone also wearing one of these stud earrings, across any distance as long as they are on the same plane of existence.

    To transmit, the wearer must gently press the gem and speak. While wearing the earring, the wearer will hear any transmissions sent in this manner from any other earring in the set. Reception of transmissions are only audible to the wearer.

  • This stud earring is made of silver set with a black opal.
  • These 10 are unique to the founding members of the Heroes 4 Hire Adventuring Company.
  • Transmission is ‘broadcast’. (anyone speak, all hear)
  • Reception is silent. (only wearer hears)
  • Players must squeeze their earlobe to indicate the are transmitting over the earrings.
  • There is an 11th earring in this set, in the possession of Master Kozar Ven. He made an extra for himself when he produced the set for the Heroes 4 Hire.

Earring of Communication

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