Peering Mirror

Wondrous Item, Rare


    This ornate silver hand mirror is paired with a silver token the size of a coin.

    When back side of the token is placed on a flat surface and the command word spoken, the token adheres magically and turns invisible. The command word can be spoken again to retrieve the token.

    Once the token is placed, the mirror displays what can be seen within 30’ in front of the token, as per the spell Arcane Eye. If the token is not placed, the mirror acts as a normal mirror.

    Dispel Magic deactivates the token, identically to speaking the command word.

  • 30’ vision range.
  • 180 o -arc in the front of the token.
  • Normal and Darkvision.

Peering Mirror

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire DM_Mike