Unholy Relics of Evil (Cursed)

Wondrous item, Unique


    These vessels are ancient relics that have been used in vile rituals for centuries and have absorbed the evil of their users. A character who touches one of these vessels must make a DC 13 Charisma saving throw. On a save, the character senses the relic’s unholy nature and can put the item down. On a failed saving throw, the character falls under a demonic curse and refuses to part with the vessel or to allow others to handle it. After six days, the character becomes a servant of the cult and returns to this chapel. If still in possession of the relic, he or she replaces it on the altar and then stays on as a guard.

    Casting Dispel Magic and Bless on the afflicted character has a 60% chance of removing the curse; Remove Curse works automatically. Each day the character remains cursed after the first, the 60% chance drops by 10%. When the chance drops to 0%, even Remove Curse fails. Such spells might be available from higher-level clerics, assuming the characters have made such allies.


    Four ancient bronze vessels — a shallow bowl, a pair of goblets, and a vase like pitcher. All glow an ugly purple.

    These relics were consecrated and then destroyed by Father Tristan following the Caves of Chaos mission.

Unholy Relics of Evil (Cursed)

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