Campaign of the Month: November 2017

The Gaelean Chronicles: Heroes 4 Hire

Home at Half Point: Reset, Regroup, Recharge

"Did he get us up outta bed just to kill a spider?"


1800, Sar, 28 Ayre, 3E1000

    The Heroes 4 Hire retired from their homecoming reverie to the comfort of their own rooms and beds for a well-earned night’s rest. As they slept, Illyia Baham snapped out of his Noae Elithor in the middle of the night to sound of the door to his room creaking open. The hallway beyond appeared empty, for a moment, and then slowly a large, dark arachnid leg extended into the room on the ceiling… followed by another. To Illyia’s dismay he saw a Giant Spider crawl past his door inverted, and shoot a blob of webbing at him as he began to move from his bed, sticking him fast. As the spider scuttled toward him, Illyia concentrated on the barracks located on the second floor of the Heroes’ Haven Guildhall and activated his custom Ring of Dimension Door, teleporting out of the webbing and finding himself standing amongst several dozen slumbering guild members.

    He woke three of the young adventurers from their rest, and commanded them to don their combat gear as quickly as possible and follow him. The blurry-eyed fighters complied and Illyia led the group to the hallway to his room in short order, his keen hearing picking up a whispered comment between two of his reinforcements, “I can’t believe we’re accompanying Illyia Baham on a mission!” Illyia grinned to himself, until they reached his room and found… nothing. No spider, no tracks and no trace, other than the blob of slack webbing encrusting Illyia’s bed and part of the wall. The earlier admiration turned into a different whisper, “Did he get us up outta bed just to kill a spider?”

    Illyia pointed out the web-blob, “GIANT! …Spider.” He then led a floor-by-floor search for the monstrosity, but found nothing.

0800, Sul, 1 Milos, 3E1000

    Smedley “Deadly” Hampton arose early, a bit before dawn, and departed on his horse south for the day-long ride to Anchorhead. The rest of the Heroes 4 Hire spent the day to their own devices and activities, enjoying some well-earned downtime at their comfortable estate. Illyia ran the Rogue’s Den obstacle course for the first time in over six months, and besides a few forgotten tricks and methods made it through it with a minimal of wear-and-tear. Lt. Diplo Norixius spend most of his day in the kitchen with the cooks and Alyn Quin, whom he discovered was a rather talented cook herself… not necessarily to the professional, signature chef level like himself, but the girl had a real knack for ‘down home country-style’ recipes that stick to your bones and everyone loves.

    Na├»lo Thia and Erendriel Thalolan spent the entire day in each other’s company, hunting in the morning with Potema, shooting on the archery range around noon and obliviously nauseating everyone with their twitterpation all day long. Alton Beeblebrox taught a day-long hand-to-hand combat course for the guild newbies down in the training room (affectionately called the ‘Fight Pit’), which drew as many ‘not-so-new’ guild members as well. Bruises were earned, not to mention a few nosebleeds, but all in all no training dummies were hurt during the execution of the lesson.

    The rest of the staff went about their daily routine as usual. The E.Bay Trading Post bought and sold wares, the DVT branch downstairs banked and warehoused. The Blind Boggle Inn fed and housed its guests in style and comfort, the Forge forged and the Stables stabled. Diplo preached a little in the Chapel, and the Stonehenge-like stone circle stood quietly in the grove of trees central to the estate, a silent testament to all things druidic. And all of it under the watchful presence of The Happy Lady, proudly placed in the foyer of the Inn where she can greet every guest to Half Point, and work her magic on their spirits.

    Meanwhile, Dajjal spent the past several weeks since the team dropped him off in Tingerhof in Allendretta’s company and Library. There he researched a bevy of rituals and added them to his book. He dined with Allendretta often, and the two had long conversations over a myriad of subjects. Dajjal found Allendretta grew more comfortable with him over time, even so much so as to occasionally forget herself and smile.

1800, Sul, 1 Milos, 3E1000

    With their triumphant return to their homestead, how much time will the Heroes take for themselves? How long can they afford to leave Lord Daemonne’s plot unresolved? Where did that Giant Spider go?

    Tune in next week, on “TGC: Heroes 4 Hire!!



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