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  • Atryae


    Atryae is the smallest of the Gaelean continents, measuring approximately 600 miles wide and 900 miles long along the main landmass. The main continent of Atryae is accompanied by eight islands, which make up the Atryaen

  • Autera


    Autera is approximately 2000 miles wide and 2000 miles long. The vast majority of the Auteran continent is uninhabitable desert. Several small pockets of forest dot the countryside, usually denoting the presence of water

  • Calea


    Calea is approximately 1500 miles wide and 3200 miles long, and stretches from the equator north nearly to the polar ice cap. The terrain of Calea varies as widely as its lands stretch. A mountainous region inhabits the

  • Caledonia


    Caledonia is the main (initial) setting for our campaign. Caledonia is the second largest continent in land area, but is home to the majority of the population of Free Peoples on Gaelea. The continent is approximately

  • Cambria


    Cambria, Gaeleas largest continent, is approximately 4000 miles east-to-west and 3000 miles north-to-south, and sports some of the most rugged and varied terrain and climates possible. The northeastern third of the

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