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  • Hellespont Farms

    Hellespont Farms

          [[Hellespont | Hellespont]] is a mostly agrarian village along [[The White River | The White River]]. The farms surrounding Hellespont cover nearly 11 square miles of arable …

  • Kihala, Turus

    * Profession:Farmer * Associations and Guilds: ** Darkshelf Advisory Council ** [[:neistor-lord-of-pelyra | Lord Neistor]] *Background:* Unknown

  • Eddard, Paul

    * Profession:Farmer *Background:*     Paul Eddard is one of the three farmers that were kidnapped and held in the [[Caves of Chaos | Caves of Chaos]] during the [[The Adventures Begin | Hell in Hellespont]] campaign. * Widower

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