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  • The White River

    The White River

          The White River is a major inland waterway and trade route in [[Eridae | Eridae]]. Running from the port city of [[Anchorhead | Anchorhead]] up to its headwaters in Dhur Naal, …

  • Bitteroot Mountains

    Bitteroot Mountains

          The Bitteroot Mountains form the western border of [[Eridae | Eridae]], providing a highly effective natural barrier to invasion and isolating the peninsula. They are also …

  • Paw Ridge Range

    Paw Ridge Range

          The Paw Ridge Range is a serpentine stretch of low, forest covered mountains that stretch from the north end of [[The White River | The White River]] eastward to the ocean. With …

  • "The Emperor"

    "The Emperor"

          "The Emperor" is large rocky outcropping on the western edge of the harbor in [[Anchorhead | Anchorhead]]. It vaguely resembles an elderly man with a crown standing with a scepter …

  • "Shargon's Talon"

    "Shargon's Talon"

          "Shargon's Talon" is a large, curved conical rock resembling a single giant talon rising from the bay. The local populace named it after the legendary silver dragon Shargon, …

  • Coldwake Pond

    Coldwake Pond

          Coldwake Pond is a small body of water located in the extreme north end of the Respite District in [[Anchorhead | Anchorhead]]. The pond is surrounded by residential buildings, and …

  • Garden of Respite

    Garden of Respite

          The Garden of Respite is on the northeast part of the Respite district in [[Anchorhead | Anchorhead]]. The garden is a beautifully manicured grove of trees and field of grass …

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