Anchorhead is the major port at the mouth of The White River, and the third largest city in Eridae. The city is considered of critical strategic value to Eridae due to its large shipyards, capable of producing nearly a dozen ships per year. Ergo, the Eridani military maintains a large garrison in Anchorhead.

    Anchorhead is also a major commercial and shipping hub in Eridae, with The White River delta and the large deep-water harbor providing easy transloading of commercial cargo between river barges and ocean going vessels.


Forgelight District
    The Foundry
    The Stockyards
    Artisans’ Guildhalls
Harbor District
    “The Emperor”
    Harbormaster’s House
    The Leaky Dinghy
    The Lighthouse
    “Shargon’s Talon”
    The Waterworks
    Wavecrest Outfitters
Marketplace District
    The Grand Bazaar
    Black Iron
    The Chapterhouse
    The Falconer’s Spire
    Lorsmarche’s Mansion
    Molou’s Distillery
    Durin Vault & Trust (DVT)
    Von Ruthvek’s
Respite District
    Coldwake Pond
    Dolara’s Watch
    Garden of Respite
    The Black Wrack Inn
Silverwall District
    Anchorhead Recruiters
    The Citadel of the Twelve 
    Assembly Hall
    Anchorhead Shipyards
    The Red Ring
    Tower of the Forum Arcanus, and Campus
Westwatch District
    The Lagoon Company Warehouse
    The Ship’s Cat
    Madame Woo’s House of Woo
    Tents of Rusheme’
    Livery Stables
Temple District
    Temple of the Sovereign Host
    Keep of the Silver Flame
    Livewood Theater
    Onyx Fountain Inn 
    Temple Row


    The Forum Arcanus
    The Lagoon Company
    Benniel, Emen
    Bowe, Brancis
    Cotton {Mister}
    Larouche, {Captain} Isabeau
    Madame Woo
    Newman, {Lormarche} Amos
    Newman, (Madame’} Vedetta
    Rehler, Zimen
    Stakey, Hiash
    Ven, {Master} Kozar
    Ven, {Mrs.} Yilva
    Von Ruthvek, Daro


    The Sea Wyvern
    The Black Lagoon
    The Darkmaiden’s Dance



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