Black Lagoon

The Black Lagoon

    Based on a fast, maneuverable sloop design, The Black Lagoon is the only ship owned and operated by the Lagoon Company out of Anchorhead. TLC markets themselves as a niche service for expedient delivery, no questions asked. The superior speed of the sloop comes at the price of cargo capacity, where larger customers’ needs require a bigger ship than TLC can provide. Also, the sloop is basically unarmed when it comes to heavy weapon emplacements, relying on its speed and a crew armed to the teeth for protection.

    Rumors surround the company and The Black Lagoon, whispers of piracy and smuggling, but nothing has ever been proven. The company’s legitimate customers attest that they are what they claim to be, and the best at that: they get your shipment or passengers to their destination faster than anyone else.


The Lagoon Company


  • None


Item Price per Unit
Crew: 3 gp crew-day
Cargo: 2 cp ton-mile
Passage: 2 sp passenger-mile


Size: 80 tons
Length: 65’
Width: 20’
Height: 10’
Crew: 4


Cruise: 15 kts.
Max: 24 kts.
Daily Average: 360 NM


Black Lagoon

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