Black Wrack Inn

The Black Wrack Inn

    The Black Wrack Inn is a common inn and tavern establishment in the Respite district of Anchorhead. Less expensive than its competition, the Black Wrack attracts mostly sailors and patrons from the harbor district with its good food, decent rooms and friendly service for very reasonable prices. Its proximity to the harbor district also makes it popular with ship-bound travelers on a budget.


    Hiash Stakey


  • Room, per day, including meals – 2 gp

Tavern Menu

  1. Vegetable Stew, Mug of Cider (6 cp)
  2. Salted Partridge and Dried Cabbage, Tankard of Ale (11 cp)
  3. Boiled Pork and Dried Leek, Tankard of Cider (12 cp)
  4. Salted crab and Barley Bread, Tankard of Mead (15 cp)
  5. Boiled Shellfish and Rye Bread, Tankard of Cider (11 cp)
  • Pitcher of table wine (2 sp)
  • Tankard of ale, mead or stout (4 cp)
  • Bottle of Ampolle Bianco (10 gp)

Black Wrack Inn

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