Blind Boggle Inn

Blind Boggle Inn

    The Blind Boggle Inn is the tavern and inn at Half Point operated by the employees of Heroes 4 Hire. Constructed in early 3E999, the building mirrors the stone and timber architecture of the other structures on the property. The Inn boasts twenty single rooms, four double rooms and eight suites that can also be converted into double occupancy rooms. The tavern hosts eighteen tables with kitchen to match, and a respectable entertainment stage. The basement resides eighteen dormitories which houses the majority of the staff for the entire homestead.


  • Room, per day, including meals – 3 gp
  • Suite, per day, including meals – 7 gp

Tavern Menu

  1. Salted Mutton and Dried Parsnip, Glass of Perry (1 sp)
  2. Roasted Duck and Soft Cheese, Glass of Whiskey (3 sp)
  3. Steamed Partridge with Mustard and Strawberry Tart, Glass of Cider (2 sp)
  4. Roasted Mutton and Dried Carrot, Tankard of Mead (9 cp)
  5. Boiled Sausage and Millet Biscuits, Tankard of Stout (9 cp)
  6. Baked Oxen Potpie and Crowberry Tart, Glass of Port (3 sp)
  • Pitcher of table wine (2 sp)
  • Tankard of ale, mead or stout (4 cp)
  • Glass of cider (2 cp)
  • Glass of Cognac Doux (1 gp)
  • Bottle of Frogiens Noir (10 gp)
  • Bottle of Chevrey Granvas (12 gp)
  • Bottle of Mageot Dolce (25 gp)


    Beast Dens
    E. Bay Trading Post
    Half Point Chapel
    Half Point Dock
    Half Point Forge
    Half Point Stables
    Heroes’ Haven Guild Hall


    Concierges (2)
    Cooks (2)
    Maidservants (8)
    Porters (2)


Third and Second Floor

First Floor


Blind Boggle Inn

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