The Chapterhouse

    The Chaptehouse serves as both major bookstore and as city library in Anchorhead. It is majority-owned and wholly-operated by its curator, Emen Benniel. The Chapterhouse is located just outside the Grand Bazaar pavilion to its southwest. The first floor consists of the bookstore itself complete with comfortable chairs and couches to sit and read, along with service counter, office and storerooms. The second and third floors are filled with rows of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that house the library’s body of works. Both the bookstore and the library are extensive, and little that has been published is not available among the Chapterhouse’s shelves.

    The Chapterhouse sells books, maps and publishing supplies, such as inks, quills, parchment, paper, vellum, book bindings and the like. Works in the library may not be removed from the premises, but the Chapterhouse is open extended hours to allow patrons plenty of time for reading and research. The Chapterhouse also offers archival, identification and authentication services.


    Emen Benniel
    Master Kozar Ven


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