Darkmaiden's Dance

The Darkmaiden’s Dance

    The Darkmaiden’s Dance is a small merchant caravel based out of Anchorhead. Heroes 4 Hire traveled to Darkshelf on the ship in late Jo 3E998 to offer their services to Lord Neistor during the “Danger at Darkshelf Quarry” mission. The smaller size of the caravel prevented their wagon and horse from being housed below decks in the cargo hold, so accommodations were made to keep them on the main deck for the two-and-a-half day voyage.

    The Darkmaiden’s Dance was destroyed by fire, caused by unknown means, at some point in Febryan 4E1 during it’s voyage from Anchorhead to Atryae. Naïlo Thia, her father Naïlo Elnoril, her boyfriend Erendrial Thalolan and her wolf Potema were aboard, traveling to Atryae to reunite her with her family. Search vessels were dispatched when the ship failed to make port at the appointed date, and the wreckage was found adrift and towed back to Shae Yemanore, Atryae. Their bodies were not found aboard the wreckage.


Size: 120 tons
Length: 80’
Width: 25’
Height: 15’
Crew: 10


Cruise: 6 kts.
Max: 8 kts.
Daily Average: 150 NM




# Size Type
2 12’ Dinghies


Item Price per Unit
Crew: 2 gp crew-day
Cargo: 1 cp ton-mile
Passage: 1 sp passenger-mile


Darkmaiden's Dance

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