Darkshelf Guard

Darkshelf Guard

    The town guard for the village of Darkshelf is a professional police and military force serving under Lord Neistor of Pelyra. The Darkshelf Guard featured prominently in the thwarting and apprehension of the clandestine slaving operations the Heroes 4 Hire destroyed during the Danger at Darkshelf Quarry mission. The guard is led by a professional non-commissioned officer of the Royal Valenari Military, assigned to serve as Lord Neistor’s constable.

    For his actions in retaking the Quarry Guardhouse and accompanying the Heroes 4 Hire in the apprehension of the perpetrators of the slaving operation in the Quarry, Sergeant Dukrum was promoted to Chief Sergeant. His assignment continues under Lord Neistor.




    Neistor, Lord of Pelyra
    Garrett Dukrum, Chief Sergeant of the Darkshelf Guard

Darkshelf Guard

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