Dread Isle

The Isle of Dread

    The Isle of Dread is a large island stuck on a seemingly endless interdimensional seesaw between the Material Plane during the night, and an unknown plane of existence during the day. It measures nearly 250 miles north-south and 100 miles east-west, and includes several smaller islets that constitutes its archipelago. The unique interdimensional nature of the island has left it shrouded in mystery, without visitors from the Gaelean mainlands in untold amounts of time, possibly eons.

    In more recent history, the Heroes 4 Hire, guided by an ancient journal signed only with the initials “RB”, made an initial exploratory expedition to the island during the months of Milos and Jo, 3E998. They rediscovered the region on the southern most peninsula and outlying islets known as Tanaroa, and befriended the inhabitants. They established some initial trade arrangements, explored the surrounding areas, studied the local culture and ingratiated themselves to the seven tribal villages of Tanaroa.


    Villages of Tanaroa


    People of Tanaroa
        Doran of the Hawk
        Huita of the Tiger
        Mira of the Hawk
        Virak of the Elk
        Yupan of the Hawk
    Cult of the Walking Dead


    The Great Wall

Dread Isle

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