Durin Vault and Trust

Durin Vault & Trust


    Durin Vault & Trust (DVT) is the world-wide, independent banking and vaulting consortium, originally developed by the dwarven peoples. DVT is a supra-national company and vehemently maintains its neutrality across all participating nations of Gaelea. In fact, before DVT will open branches in a new land, the governing bodies there must ensure in writing that DVT will be considered a neutral third party in all political dealings and legal matters.

    As such, DVT branch offices, termed ‘Banks’, are considered diplomatic embassies. The typical construction of a DVT Bank is similar to a small fortress with its own dwarven guard force. Banks can be found in all cities across Gaelea, all major towns, and smaller Banks in most villages and settlements depending on size. If a village is too small to have a DVT branch, a representative is usually appointed in the hamlet and DVT provides safes and installations in the designated building, in addition to training, for the DVT representative. DVT provides warehousing, security and transference services of monetary and non-monetary items.

    DVT Banks provide secure storage of monetary reserves for its customers. A ‘Cash Account’ allows customers to store any quantity of coin, trade bars or any other currency. Standard accounting principles are followed religiously by DVT staff, and customers have access to their money reserves world-wide at any DVT Bank. DVT also provides normal monetary services as well, such as currency exchange, bank notes, loans and investments.

    DVT Banks also provide secure warehousing of non-monetary items, such as magic items, heirlooms, gemstones… practically anything. Items are immediately retrievable from their Bank of original deposit; however, withdrawing an item from a different Bank is subject to delays and fees for the transference of the item between locations.


    Anchorhead — Bank
    Darkshelf — Representative
    Dhur Naal — Bank
    Eridan — Banks & Regional Offices
    Gorah Khar — Bank
    Half Point — Representative
    Hellespont — Representative
    Illyalin — Bank
    Morytania — Unserviced
    Northern Watch — Representative
    Port Hedland — Bank
    Regallis — Bank & Regional Offices
    Rockheim — Bank
    Southern Watch — Representative
    Southpaw — Bank
    Tanis — Bank
    Tingerhoff — Bank
    Weslyn — Representative

Durin Vault and Trust

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