Eridani Military

Republic of Eridae

    One of the key strategic assets of the Republic of Eridae is its world class military. The military is organized into four main branches of combat arms: Infantry, Cavalry, Navy and Marines.

Land Forces

    The infantry consists of foot soldiers, archers and battlemages specializing in land combat and coordination with mounted forces. The cavalry consists of horsemen-soldiers who specialize in mounted combat and coordination with infantry forces, and is further subdivided into two organizational units, The Heavy Horse Regiments and the Light Horse Brigade. The Heavy Horse Regiments are comprised of heavy armored horsemen and their plate-barded warhorses, specifically bred for cavalry combat. The EHHR’s are the main cavalry force in Eridae. The singularly unique Light Horse Brigade is comprised of lightly armored cavalrymen and scouts and their lightly barded mounts, bred for speed, stamina and stealth. The ELHB are skilled scouts and reconnaissance agents, and also perform duties as a rapid reaction strike force when speed is more critical than combat weight.

Maritime Forces

    The navy of Eridae is impressive, one of the most effective, lethal and numerous on all of Gaelea. The Ship-of-the-Line is the Eridani Battleship, the mainstay of the fleet. Smaller vessels of various tonnage also flesh out the fleet, performing additional combat and support functions. In addition to naval warfare, the ships of the fleet also carry the Eridani Marines, infantrymen who specialize in maritime combat, ship capture and forcible entry.

Training & Education

    Taking a more systemic and strategic view of military service, Eridae has not only organized and created standard combat training schools at garrison points across their territory, but has also created a military academy located in the massive stronghold of Black Cliff Keep in the city of Illyalin for the education of its officer corps. The cadets from Black Cliff Keep graduate with a rounded education in history, art and literature, magical theory, mathematics, warfare, leadership, officership, strategy, tactics and the operational art. As such, the personnel that man the military are professional, well trained and well led.


    Echo Hall in the capital city of Eridan is the supreme headquarters facility for the military in Eridae. It is mostly an administrative facility, but also houses the national military command center. Most of the facility is restricted access and not open to the public.


    Anchorhead Shipyards
    Citadel of the Twelve
    Echo Hall (Military Headquarters)
    Eridan Shipyards
    Black Cliff Keep (Eridani Military Academy)


    Eridani Battleship (Ship-of-the-Line)

Eridani Military

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