Falconer's Spire

The Falconer’s Spire

    The Falconer’s Spire is the premier magic item shop in Anchorhead, perhaps all of Eridae. It is owned and operated by Master Kozar Ven and his wife, and employs a staff of nearly 20 apprentice and journeyman mages. In addition to an endless selection of magic items, the Falconer’s Spire also offers enchanting services, identification and lore research service. The Falconer’s Spire enjoys a sterling reputation, honored all across Eridae for its outstanding quality, creativity and craftsmanship in enchanting items. The business is registered with the Mercantile Guild and the Forum Arcanus.

    The structure of the Falconer’s Spire is indeed a spire, reminiscent of the signature spires of the campuses of the Forum Arcanus, albeit it smaller. The store takes up the entire cavernous, round first floor, with workshops and storage located in the basement below. The second floor consists of office workspace for the administration of the business, and the third, fourth and fifth floors are the Ven’s residence.


    Master Kozar Ven
    Mrs. Yilva Ven

Falconer's Spire

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