Forum Arcanus

The Forum Arcanus

    The Forum Arcanus is the premier guild for arcane, divine and nature-based spellcasters in the Republic of Eridae. Membership in the Forum is primarily Wizards, Clerics and Druids, but it also has Paladins, Rangers, Eldritch Knights and a few Arcane Tricksters in its ranks. The Forum is extremely powerful, politically well-connected and infinitely resourced.

    The Forum is governed by the Council of Archmagi, a body comprised of the highest skilled members from all disciplines of magic, despite the wizardly origins of the Council’s name. Several honorary positions in the Council are occupied by members of select political offices, regardless of magical ability, to provide a liaison and coordinating function with the Eridani government.

    The Forum Arcanus operates under four distinct mandates:

  • First, it is a guild for all spellcasters as mentioned above. As such, it regulates its membership, collects dues and provides supplies, facilities and services to its membership anywhere it has a Campus.
  • Second, the Forum operates a University in the capital city Eridan, where it educates members in all disciplines of magic. Campuses dispersed in other townships also offer most courses of instruction, with very few subjects being supported exclusively at the main University.
  • Third, the Forum Arcanus has been tasked by the Eridani government with research and development of arcane, divine and nature-based magics, their theory, their use and utilization for civil and military purposes.
  • Fourth, the Forum advocates and regulates the ethical use of magic in Eridae, understanding the dangers involved with the extreme powers with which they experiment.


  • Warlocks are officially excluded from the Forum Arcanus. The official position:
    • Warlocks are not actually spellcasters and have no magical abilities of their own.
    • Warlocks are simply borrowing the magic abilities of the supernatural being to whom they sold their soul.
    • Warlocks categorically aim to steal arcane knowledge from ‘real’ arcanists.
    • Warlocks are viewed with EXTREME distrust.
  • Sorcerers are excluded; however, they may join if they change class or multi-class into an magic-user.
    • Sorcerers are viewed as “novice wizards waiting on training”.
    • Sorcerers are viewed as having talent, but no training or study to learn control, theory and discipline.
    • Most FA members will attempt to convince a sorcerer to join and train as a Wizard (change class or multi-class).


    Council of Archmagi

Forum Arcanus

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