Government of the Republic of Eridae

Republic of Eridae

    The nation of Eridae is unique in the world of Gaelea. Eridae is a republic, and the first of its kind in history. The government is organized into three branches: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. The branches are of equal political power, and a system of checks and balances are designed into the constitutional charter to ensure that balance of power is maintained.

Executor of Eridae

    The executive branch of the Republic of Eridae is headed by a chief executive, titled as the Executor of Eridae. The Executor is elected from the general populace, and is a permanent appointment until death, retirement, or removal from office by the legislative branch for legal misconduct. Retirement from office may be at personal discretion, or by legislative action. The Executor administrates the daily duties of governance through his nine ministers, each one personally appointed and delegated a specific area of executive responsibility: Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Justice, Military, State and Treasury. Together, the ministers and the Executor constitute the Executive Cabinet, and operate from offices within the capital city of Eridan.

    The executive is titled, “Executor,” and addressed as, “Your Honor.” The Executor has nine appointed ministers. They are titled, “Minister,” and addressed as, “Your Honor.”


    The legislative duties of the Republic of Eridae are performed by the Senate, composed of popularly elected representatives from each province based on population density. The term of a senator is five years, and is limited to two terms. The Senate assembles once a year for a regular legislative session in Eridan, but may be called to special assembly by the Executor. During the regular session, the Senate approves any changes or updates to the government’s annual operating budget proposed by the executive, and deliberates on any proposed legislation. Special assembly can be called for a variety of reasons, usually involving some sort of crisis requiring fast enactment of legislation or approval of specialized spending out side of the annual budget.

    There are currently 60 Senators. They are titled, “Senator,” and addressed as, “Your Honor.”

Bench of Magistrates

    The Bench of Magistrates is composed of all justices and legal counselors delegated and authorized to practice law within the Republic of Eridae. At the governmental level, a supreme court of nine Magistrates, commonly referred to as the Bench, provides judicial guidance and rulings on matters of legal interpretation. The Bench also serves an advisory function to the Senate in regards to the languages of proposed legislation and its potential effects, as well as an advisory function to the Executor in regards to the language of enacted law and its requirements. In the case of charges of executive misconduct alleged by the Senate, the Bench acts as the trial court for those charges. Appointment to the Bench is a lifetime appointment similar to that of the Executor, until elective retirement, forced retirement by legislative action, or removal due to misconduct.

    There are nine Magistrates appointed to the Bench. They are titled, “Magistrate,” and addressed as, “Your Honor.”




    Executor of Eridae

Government of the Republic of Eridae

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