Highmoor Inn

The Highmoor Inn

    The Highmoor Inn is a country inn and tavern establishment in the village of Darkshelf in the Kingdom of Valenar. Located in the center of town across the square from the Jailhouse and the Town hall, it provides comfortable accommodations to both the road-weary traveler and the long-term guest alike. It provides porter, storage, meal and laundry services for its patrons, both for short and extended stays.

    The proprietors are Zek and Julienne Highmoor, a husband and wife who operate the inn with the help of several adolescent age employees. Zek focuses on the running of the inn front desk and tavern bar, while Julienne runs the kitchen and laundering operations. On their staff they have two porters, a night watchman, an assistant cook and four maids.

    Julienne Highmoor has the reputation for being an amazing cook, and she even makes an apple pie recipe that is locally famous.


    Highmoor, Julienne
    Highmoor, Zechariah (Zek)


  • Room, per day, including meals – 2 gp

Tavern Menu

  1. Smoked Pheasant and Dried Leek, Tankard of Cider (11 cp)
  2. Barley Porridge, Mug of Stout (5 cp)
  3. Wheat Biscuits and Blue Cheese, Glass of Bitters (4 cp)
  4. Wheat Porridge, Mug of Mead (4 cp)
  5. Pickled Shellfish and Dried Watercress, Tankard of Ale (11 cp)
  6. Roasted Hare and Dried Watercress, Tankard of Ale (10 cp)
  • Slice of Highmoor Apple Pie (5 cp)
  • Pitcher of common table Wine (2 sp)
  • Tankard of Ale, Mead or Stout (4 cp)
  • Bottle of Raspberry Bitters (2 gp)

Highmoor Inn

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