Lagoon Company

The Lagoon Company

    The Lagoon Company is a small shipping firm in Anchorhead consisting of four sailors and a single sloop. The Company owns and operates out of a medium-sized, dockside warehouse in the Grindstone ward of the Westwatch district. Their shipping business is officially registered with the Harbormaster and is a member of the Merchant’s Guild.

    The Lagoon Company is primarily a legitimate shipping business; however, the four members of the company are not above some lawbreaking to make ends meet. While their misdeeds usually limit to just petty smuggling, they have been known to commit much more violent crimes when they deemed it necessary, such as piracy, murder, arson, kidnapping, etc.

    The four members of The Lagoon Company are: Dutch, Benny, Revy and Rock. The company sloop is named The Black Lagoon.


    Lagoon Company Warehouse




    The Black Lagoon

Lagoon Company

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