Lormarche's Mansion

The Lormarche’s Mansion

    The Lormarche’s Mansion is located at the extreme north end of the Grand Bazaar in the Marketplace district of Anchorhead. It’s first floor serves as a guildhall and offices for the Merchant’s Guild in Anchorhead, while the second story provides a private residence for the president of the Merchant’s Guild, titled “Lormarche”. The Merchant’s Guild, under the administration of the Lormarche and his or her staff, act as a ‘Better Business Bureau’ in local politics, advocating, implementing and enforcing fair trade practices amongst the community of merchants in the city.

    The Mansion is an impressive structure, designed with such opulent beauty to denote the prestige and stature of the Guild in general and the Lormarche in particular. The Mansion belongs to the guild, and is occupied by the current guild president.


    Lormarche Newman
    Madame’ Newman

Lormarche's Mansion

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