Molou's Distillery

Molou’s Distillery

    Molou’s Distillery (and Brewery) is a world famous producer of spirits and brews located on the far western edge of the Marketplace district in Anchorhead. The Distillery not only brews and distills its products onsite, they also host daily tours of their facilities and operations that conclude with a taste-testing session of their various products. Their brand is recognized worldwide and is regarded as the highest quality spirits and brews money can buy. Their products fetch top coin.

Current Menu

    Winter Mud Stout
    Nightfall Rum
    Fresh Dark Ale
    Caramel Surge Liqueur
    Hushed Lady Brandy
    Rose Petal Honey Mead
    Gleaming Blaze Whiskey
    Smooth Moonshine
    Lime Zombie Gin
    Saffron Score Mead

Molou's Distillery

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