The once proud Kingdom of Morytania lies in central Caledonia, nearly bisecting the continent north to south. Several centuries ago, a great calamity befell the land, destroying the royal family and all the nobility, and leaving the kingdom in chaos. The militia was in disarray, leaderless and confused, and the populace mostly fled for their lives. The denizens of evil took advantage of the opportunity and moved in, outlaws and the Inhuman Hordes burning and pillaging most of the settlements.

    No one really knows what the calamity was or why it happened. Many believe it was some sort of natural disaster followed by opportunistic action by the Hordes, while others believe it was a horrible curse inflicted upon the people of Morytania for some great sin. Whatever the cause and category, the effect has left Morytania a desolate, plagued land, where a never-ending mist constantly hangs in the air, cutting visibility to no more than half a mile, often much less. Trees are barren and sundered, and the ground is hard and rocky. Most crops wither and die, and those farmers foolish enough to stay often can barely eek out enough to eat. There is no law in Morytania; the lands are ungoverned and filled with outlaws and the Hordes.


    Aerie and Mount Flamenblut
    Bay of Pomarj
    Blood Drop
    Drakansgreb Mountains
    Fort Garsley
    Glass Plateau
    Glowing Chasm
    Suderham, City of the Nine


    The Nine, Slave Lords of Suderham



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