Notes from the Dungeonmaster

A Note from the Dungeonmaster


    Welcome to my great big world of Gaelea! If you are a D&D ‘grey beard’ like me, then you probably recognize a lot of things in my campaign setting. You should! It’s plagiarized… liberally and proudly! I am but one man with a full-time job, a full-time business and a full-time campaign to create and run. Shortcuts will be utilized to the maximum extent possible.

    The World of Gaelea is a conglomeration of homages to all the things I liked and loved and thought were cool through my decades on this planet. You’ll recognize bits and pieces from movies, cartoons, books, music, characters, legends, myths, stories, video games and of course, other settings and modules from D&D’s long history.

    The geography of Gaelea is actually Eberron, with the towns and roads and text and lightning rails (cool as that was) squeegeed off, leaving just the bare continents and terrain, to make way for population centers and naming conventions of my own design. The main focus at the beginning of our story is in the Republic of Eridae, located in what was Q’Barra in its Eberron iteration. However, classic D&D (0th edition) modules from Mystara, such as the Caves of Chaos and the Isle of Dread were added to give these newbies the same starter experiences that pretty much every avid D&D fan has had over the years. I don’t just introduce folks to D&D… I induct.


Notes from the Dungeonmaster

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