Onyx Fountain Inn

The Onyx Fountain Inn

    The Onyx Fountain Inn is an upper echelon inn and tavern establishment in the Temple district of Anchorhead. It caters to the upper crust of society, and as such commands top coin. It provides concierge, porter, messenger, delivery, storage, meal and laundry services for its patrons, both for short and extended stays. True to its name, the hotel was actually constructed around a centerpiece fountain made of solid onyx, a gorgeous artistic sculpture in its own right.


    Zimen Rehler


  • Room, per day, including meals – 3 gp
  • Suite, per day, including meals – 7 gp

Tavern Menu

  1. Salted Partridge and Dried Cabbage, Tankard of Ale (2 sp)
  2. Smoked Grouse with Blue Cheese and Buckwheat Bread, Glass of Whiskey (3 sp)
  3. Salted Pork with Dried Pomegranate and Currant Pie, Glass of Port (2 sp)
  4. Steamed Turtle and Artichoke, Glass of Wine (2 sp)
  5. Roasted Pheasant and Wheat Bread, Glass of Brandy (4 sp)
  6. Steamed Duck with Cinnamon and Plum Pie, Glass of Cider (2 sp)
  7. Roasted Whitefish and Barley Bread, Tankard of Perry (4 sp)
  • Pitcher of table wine (2 sp)
  • Tankard of ale, mead or stout (4 cp)
  • Glass of Cognac Doux (1 gp)
  • Bottle of Frogiens Noir (10 gp)
  • Bottle of Chevrey Granvas (12 gp)
  • Bottle of Mageot Dolce (25 gp)

Onyx Fountain Inn

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