Pelyra River

The Pelyra River

    The Pelyra River is a minor waterway that defines the border between Valenar and Eridae. Running from its headwaters in the Bitteroot Mountains, the Pelyra River is an arterial connection between the port village of Darkshelf and its famous stone quarry out to the coastal bay and the open sea. The river is riddled with rapids and whitewater from its headwaters to about half way to the coast, but then turns flat and docile just a few miles upstream of Darkshelf and remains so all the way to its estuary. It is fed by runoff from snow melt as well as many smaller tributaries.

    The Pelyra River is a single commercial trade route to the village of Darkshelf and the quarry. The dark, flat shale ‘beach’ at Darkshelf descends steeply just past the water’s edge, not only making the large harbor deep and ideal for transloading quarry stone onto ocean going vessels, but also gives the village its name.


    Darkshelf and the Quarry

Pelyra River

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