People of Tanaroa

The People of Tanaroa

    The natives of the region of Tanaroa are colloquially called Tanaroans, although the natives refer to themselves as a group as simply “The People”. The People of Tanaroa are human, standing slightly shorter but with a more muscular build than average. They have dusky brown skin, black or dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. They live a normal human lifespan, perhaps slightly longer.

    The Tanaroan people inhabit seven villages throughout the region: Tanaroa (the most populous), Burowao, Dawa, Kirikuka, Mora, Panitube, and Usi. The population of all seven villages combined is about 3,000. The layout of each village is similar.

    Village populations are divided into four clans: Elk, Hawk, Tiger, and Sea Turtle. Each clan has its own area of its village. The animal a clan is named for is considered to be its totem; the members of the clan believe they are blood relatives of that animal. In battle, each clan carries a standard decorated with its totem.

    Each clan has a leader, who is elected and is usually the most capable male member of the clan. This clan leader serves as advisor to the chief and leads the clan in war. The clans serve to unify the villages in time of war, each clan forming a separate “regiment” when the villages unify in a military effort. Although clan leaders are often male, villagers trace descent and inheritance through the mother’s side of the family and take the mother’s family (clan) name.

    Each village chief is elected. The chief is often advanced in years, exceptionally wise, and highly skilled. Villages are loosely allied through a council of village chiefs that meets at least once a year.


    Villages of Tanaroa


    Doran of the Hawk
    Huita of the Tiger
    Mira of the Hawk
    Virak of the Elk
    Yupan of the Hawk
    Cult of the Walking Dead


    The Great Wall

People of Tanaroa

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