Shrine of Evil Chaos

Shrine of Evil Chaos

    The entrance to the Shrine of Evil Chaos lies at the far end of the ravine complex known as the Caves of Chaos, high up the ravine wall. A worn path switches back and forth up the steep slope to the Shrine’s cave mouth, near which the trees are bloated and twisted. The entrance tunnel opens into a wide corridor with high, vaulted ceilings. Red strata interlaced with black veins run through the precisely engineered stone walls.

    The exact purpose and intents of the Dark Priest, his Cult and the Shrine of Evil Chaos are unknown. When discovered by Heroes 4 Hire, the Dark Priest had assembled a small army of the undead, consisting mostly of skeletons and zombies. His army was destroyed and his Shrine overrun, and he fled to parts unknown. The Shrine was consecrated and then destroyed by a delegation from Hellespont escorted by a unit from the Eridani military. The Dark Priest remains at large.


    Caves of Chaos


    Cult of Evil Chaos
    “The Dark Priest”


    Unholy Relics of Evil


Shrine of Evil Chaos

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