The Ship's Cat Tavern

The Ship’s Cat Tavern

    The Ship’s Cat is a tavern located just off the docks in the Westwall district of Anchorhead. The tavern does not include an inn. The Ship’s Cat is frequented primarily by sailors, both those based out of Anchorhead and those transient, and is decorated in a nautical and feline theme.


  1. Stewed Pork and Dried Beetroot, Tankard of Mead (7 cp)
  2. Cashew Bread and Sharp Cheese, Mug of Cider (3 cp)
  3. Boiled Mutton and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Ale (12 cp)
  4. Millet Porridge, Mug of Cider (3 cp)
  5. Stewed Shrimp and Barley Biscuits, Tankard of Stout (13 cp)
  • Pitcher of table wine (2 sp)
  • Tankard of ale, mead or stout (4 cp)

The Ship's Cat Tavern

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